Security. Privacy.

Fully Protected.

Your security is our priority

What is SKY ECC?

SKY ECC is a secure messaging platform with enterprise-grade, end-to-end encryption running on a private, secure network.

End-to-end Encrypted Messaging

End-to-end encryption protects the entire message so only the sender and receiver can read it.

Private Global Network

World-wide mobile data without additional roaming charges so your team can collaborate anywhere.

Tamper Resistant Hardware

We only use devices with built-in security protecting users from data breaches, hacking, and tampering attacks.

Secure Mobile Device Management

Extra protection for your confidential data and information if devices are lost or stolen.

The SKY ECC Difference

SKY ECC encryption keys are created and remain on your device. Nobody else has the keys—not even us.

Resistant to Brute Force Attacks

Designed to stop brute force attempts to access your account. Your device is secured to prevent intrusion.

Super-secure Infrastructure

Multi-layer security provides maximum protection across our network. Top-tier security at all levels: network, devices, and the app itself.

Multi-layer Authentication

Device, app, and messaging passwords make sure you, and only you, can access your messages.

Secure, Private Network.

Professional Support with 24/7 Customer Care.

Self-destructing messages & images

Control how long your messages are kept—from a few seconds to hours to days.

Integrated Device Management

Mobile Device Management provides the flexibility to establish policies to ensure maximum security.

Password Protected Vault

Protect notes, images, and chats with an additional layers of passwords and encryption.

Sharing and Forwarding Controls

Control how images are viewed, saved, or shared.