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When the government starts watching journalists, we all have to watch out

A free and open press is one of the stalwarts of democracy. People dedicated to seeking and publishing the truth, who work tirelessly to call governments, companies, and individuals to account when they do something against the public interest. The press and media have been under attack, literally and figuratively, for far longer than the … Read more

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Hacking Devices for Better Security

Apple’s new hackable devices will make devices more secure for everyone One of the reasons we exclusively use devices from Apple, Google, and BlackBerry is the intense scrutiny they get from—well—everyone. Beyond hackers, professional security researchers poke, prod, test, and exploit the devices all the time. Granted, exploiting devices can be bad, if researchers don’t … Read more

7 Myths About Encrypted Messaging to Stop Believing Now

There’s more to communications security than saying it’s encrypted We —and by “we” I mean techie people— talk about end-to-end encrypted (E2EE) messaging as a must-have feature in any chat app (or service like Facebook Messenger). But we gloss over the details of encrypted messaging—what all the parts of an app do and what’s really … Read more