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How Cyber Threats Affect Your Mobile Communications

This week in the Cyber Security Awareness Month calendar we look at how cyber threats impact your mobile communications, with specific actions attackers take to make you vulnerable to a growing number of cyber threats. In addition to practical tips for securing mobile communications in general, we’ll show you specific ways Sky ECC protects you … Read more

Cyber Security Awareness Month: It’s Up to All of Us to Prevent Hacks

It’s Cyber Security Awareness Month and let’s take a moment to chat about something pretty important—how we all have a stake in preventing hackers and thwarting evil doers. Just this morning I listened to a bit on this piece about scammers based in India tricking people into thinking their machines are full of malware and … Read more

Sky ECC App Security Features Make it the Most Secure Phone

Sky ECC was built using the zero-trust model of security. We assume everything involved with the phone’s security is compromised and must be secured with failsafes to secure every vulnerability. These assumptions are, of course, done to offer complete security if an already secure system fails. The zero-trust model was used during the build of … Read more

Billions Of Devices Vulnerable To SIMjacking—But Not Ours

Putting remotely executable apps on SIM cards seemed like a good idea at the time Last week we learned about a truly horrifying exploit known as SIMjacking can track your location without you knowing it via a stealthy text message that you’d likely never see in your messages—and that’s just the not-so-bad part. It only … Read more