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Why Don’t We Offer Our Own Device: Your Security

And cost, and choice of OS, and quality. We’ve been asked a number of times, “Why do you use phones from Google, Apple, and BlackBerry? Couldn’t you make a secure phone yourselves? A device that you control 100%?” And the simple answer is: Sure we

Explaining 521-bit ECC Encryption From the Ground Up

Learning about 521-bit elliptic-curve Diffie-Hellman cryptography, or 521-bit ECC for short, is best done by learning what it was built upon. ECC is very complicated math, and it’s easier if we start at the beginning of how cryptography started. If you already have a good

SKY ECC Has the Most Secure Phone: Here’s Why

Saying you have the most secure phone is easy, there are at least a dozen companies making this claim, but demonstrating your phone is the most secure is something else entirely. For those who don’t want to watch another video of a sleek phone spinning