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Sky ECC October 2019 Newsletter

The last month in cyber security has been an odd one, and remind us why October is Cyber Security Month. In this month’s newsletter we hear from a hacker who lost while playing games against a hero, we learn that WeWork sees their customers’ data

Sky ECC September 2019 Newsletter

Oi, 你好, and welcome to the September 2019 Sky ECC newsletter. The competition is heating up as I came across some very interesting news about our ‘competitors’, criminals compete with the police by pretending to be them, the largest brewer in the world competes with

german malware warning

Sky ECC August 2019 Newsletter

Hello, and welcome to the August 2019 edition of the Sky ECC newsletter…blog edition! This month we view an internet under attack as Neo-Nazis attack journalists with SWATting, ransomware attacks Germans, Facebook plans on attacking the encryption of WhatsApp, over 65,000 attacks against your credit

Sky ECC July 2019 Newsletter

Welcome to the July 2019 Sky ECC Newsletter Stories you need to read to stay secure—brought to you this month by the new writer at Sky ECC: Matthew! Welcome to the newsletter where we face the truth about online security and privacy as FaceApp takes our faces,

Sky ECC June 2019 Newsletter

Welcome to the June 2019 Sky ECC Newsletter Our big news this month is Sky ECC is now available on the Google Pixel 3a and 3a XL. We always want Sky ECC on the newest and most secure devices available. The Google Pixel line is