The Million Dollar Hack

Application Form

Sign up for the challenge, put down a refundable US$500 deposit for a device, and we’ll ship a device to you to hack.

Welcome to the SKY ECC Million Dollar Hack Challenge (the “Challenge”) presented by Sky Global Technology Inc. (“Sky Global”). A full description of the Challenge, and the Rules and Regulations (the “Challenge Rules”) can be found here. All terms not otherwise defined in this Application shall have the meanings given to them under the Rules.

To apply to participate in the Challenge, please complete the following application (the “Application”). All information collected through the Application, is collected and shall be used, in accordance with Sky Global’s Privacy Policy and the Challenge Rules.

After submitting this Application, you will be redirected to a website to select your Challenge device. You must pay a deposit in the amount of US$500 (the “Deposit”). The Deposit will be returned to you in full if your Application is not accepted and we have not yet shipped the device, or upon the return of the SKY ECC device you will be receiving, provided that the device is returned in good, working order, as per the Challenge Rules.