The Million Dollar Hack

We’re so confident SKY ECC is unbeatable, we’ll give US$1,000,000 to anyone who can beat our device and encryption.

Sign up for the challenge, put down a refundable US$500 deposit and we’ll ship a device to you to hack.

How to Participate:

  1. Read the complete challenge rules
  2. Complete the application form (click the button below).
  3. Select your SKY ECC device and submit a US$500 deposit (refunded to you when you return the phone in good, working condition).
  4. Successfully complete the challenge within 90 days. Full details in the challenge rules.
  5. Win US$1,000,000.

More details:

For your Challenge device, choose either a BlackBerry KEY One or iPhone SE. It will be set up in the same manner as the devices we sell.
You will not be given the:

  • device passcode
  • ECC ID for the account
  • password to the account
  • password to the Vault.

Choose your device and pay the US$500 deposit with Bitcoin via Bitpay. We will refund the deposit when you return the device to us.
The device will be shipped to the address you provide when you pay your deposit. We will match it against your application.
Your 90 days will begin upon delivery of the device by trackable mail.

Layers of security