How to Delete Signal the Correct Way, and Reasons Why You’d Want To

A number of people with high digital security and privacy needs are coming to the correct conclusion that Signal is not doing everything for that them it could. New privacy and security issues keep getting discovered, which we’ll look at below, that leave users vulnerable in one way or another. So wanting to learn how to delete Signal and move on to a more secure messaging platform is only natural.

This article will show the following information about deleting Signal:

There is also a look at a secure option which is far superior to Signal.

Delete Signal over numerous design issues

There are a few reasons why people are deleting Signal and moving to other options, and one is a design flaw:

All accounts are associated with your phone number.

This leads to a complete unraveling of Signal’s privacy features. If anyone can find your phone number, anyone can find out who you are on the app. A State representative from Washington found this out:

How? Signal revealed his phone number and that phone number was connected to him. There have been issues with Signal’s group chat feature for years:

  • You can’t delete a user from a group. Instead you must start a new group with all the original people in it except the person you don’t want.
  • One user losing their phone in a group chat means a new chat has to be started.
  • Large group chats tend to lose stability and crash.
  • Some users are able to read messages on group chats after they have left.
  • Unauthorized users can be added to groups secretly.

These flaws can become large issues quickly as someone can add a person to a group who is there to cause problems. The troublemaker can’t be removed and a new group has to be started without them. The new group won’t have the previous messages and you’re likely to lose people due to the inconvenience. I can’t blame people for deleting Signal for issues like this.

How to delete Signal

First, you have to know the difference between uninstalling Signal from your phone and deregistering Signal in order to truly delete it:

  • Uninstalling Signal is when you delete the icon from your phone. This is done by either holding your finger down on it until the ‘x’ appears in the top right of the icons and you can push it to uninstall, or by going into your Settings and deleting it from there.
  • Deregistering your Signal app is what will actually delete all your account data and delete the registration between your existing account and your phone number.

You have to do both steps. The order doesn’t matter so much, but it’s much simpler to deregister first and then uninstall the app after. Here’s how to deregister with each OS first.

Unregister and delete Signal on iOS:

  1. Open your Signal app.
  2. Click on your profile in the upper-left of your screen.
  3. Along the bottom you’ll see an orange “Delete Account” button. Click it.

Last, press “Proceed” on the pop up warning.

Now your app is degregistered and you can uninstall the app however you choose. The easiest option is to hold your finger down until the “x” appears.

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Unregister and delete Signal on Android:

1: Open your Signal app.

2: Click on your profile image.

3: Click on “Advanced”.

4: Click on “Signal messages and calls”.

5: Choose “Ok” to finish the process.

Now uninstall the app and you’re all done!

Unregister and delete Signal on desktop:

1: Open the Signal app on your desktop.

2: Click File > Preferences tab.

3: Click on the “Clear Data” button.

4: Choose the “Clear All Data” option to confirm that you want to delete all data.

Now you can uninstall the app from your machine. This entire process can’t be forgotten if you’ve connected your desktop and phone!

Unsure if you’ve linked anything? Before you delete the app, go to Profile > Settings > Linked Devices. Unlink them before you delete the app to be on the safe side.

What to do after deleting Signal

Once you have deleted Signal you will need a new way to message people in your network securely. A great first place to look is our comparison of all the top secure messaging apps, or by looking at our comparison table below:

These two documents have one thing in common, and that is that our own SKY ECC is the most secure messaging app available on the market today. There are a number of reasons why that you can learn more about:

  • Our 521-bit ECC encryption is the strongest that is commercially-available for any secure messaging app. How secure? Banking uses 2048-bit RSA. Our encryption is equivalent to 15,360-bit RSA.
  • The secure private server network we have built will protect you in over 190 countries where we have network coverage.
  • Only the most secure devices are used, all of which have tamper-resistant chips that secure the phones right at the manufacturer level. This is in addition to our practice of sunsetting phones once they are no longer secure.
  • BlackBerry’s security audit of our devices found no vulnerabilities after they tested it with their Cyber Security team for three days.
  • Our zero-trust approach prompted the creation of exceptional app features with your privacy and security being the only concern.

These reasons, and more, are why SKY ECC has the most secure phone available on the market for communications which must be protected. Many organizations have been using Signal for this, but the numerous issues with its design are coming up in the real world as very real problems. 

If you’re looking for the next-level solution for your secure communications, speak with a SKY ECC representative today, or see which phones we have available in your area right now.

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