Business Use Cases to Encrypt your Communications with SKY ECC

The need for strong encryption is escalating on all fronts, but its application to business communications are increasing exponentially. You need to understand why communication security is important in your industry, and this business use case series will do that.

This section of the usage case series has short explanations on why each of these industries require secure messaging. You can click through to read more about each one via its title card as the series grows. This article will:

  • Give you an understanding of how and why your industry is vulnerable.
  • Teach you other uses secure messaging may have in any industry.
  • Provide real-world reasons on why secure messaging is an important topic for every business to discuss.

Each point will have a link to an external article showing a real hack committed against a company or job. This series isn’t doom and gloom coming from the mind of one paranoid security writer; it’s a collection of warnings from digital security experts the world over. Read on to learn what we have to say.

SKY ECC business use cases by industry

Every industry has some sort of need for secure messaging at some point during its business dealings, but there are industries that need higher levels of secure messaging on a consistent basis.

Those building new vehicles, technology, and other machines are especially vulnerable—stealing someone else’s designs is much easier than creating your own designs. Intellectual property assets are vulnerable at any point in their development, even after they’re released, and must be protected at all costs. Attackers can find other vulnerabilities in computer-controlled manufacturing systems through hacked emails or other communications. Norsk Hydro, one of the largest manufacturers of aluminum in the world, found this out the hard way when they were hacked to the point where they had to switch from digital to manual operation of their systems.

Client conversations and information make any lawyer (or consultant) a target for communications attacks—such as opposing counsel or private investigators hired to investigate you. Any compromise of privileged client data degrades trust in your firm and could have bigger consequences like malpractice or disbarment. Not only should each lawyer or consultant in your firm have a secure phone, but giving one to your high-profile clients should be considered. A lawyer in Morocco found out the hard way that lawyers are targeted for phone hacking.

Protecting sources is a cornerstone of journalistic integrity. With increasing attacks against the press by those in power who would rather only read nice articles about themselves, the need to protect high-level journalists is a serious need. Not only do journalists need protection at home from domestic enemies, but those abroad need protection from foreign governments. Protection applies to outright spying to personal attacks against them. The over 200 journalists attacked by Fancy Bear would agree this is a serious issue.

The medical and pharmaceutical industry are commonly targeted by hackers because of the high-value of their data and their typical lack of online communications security. Front-line medical personnel typically transmit important patient data which must be kept confidential, but they lack the tools to do so. Those developing medical tech or pharmaceuticals are very tempting targets for corporate espionage as intercepting the right message can lead to the loss of data which took years to research. HIPAA is, of course, a the law in the USA, but patient conversations often aren’t secured or protected nearly enough. The fact that pharma is the most-hacked industry precludes any need to show one particular business use case study here.

Those who work in high-profile event and personnel security absolutely cannot have their location revealed as it will compromise their clients. Those doing the actual security work need secure communication tools, and giving one to the client can also be beneficial. Everyone wants to hack celebrities–here’s a list of over 200 who have been hacked in some way–but hacking someone who is in close contact with a celebrity is just as good. Click the image now to read this interesting business use case for securing some of the most often attacked people on Earth.

Mining industry: Finding reliable communications out in the field is hard enough. Making sure those communication channels are secure can be the difference between weeks of hard work locating resources remaining with you or being stolen by competitors. This business use case look at how every expedition should have a secure communication tool to communicate back to headquarters no matter where your research takes you, which is why we have a server network spanning over 190 countries. GoldCorp Inc., a Canadian mining company, was targeted in 2016 and lost valuable data in the process. The Night Dragon Attacks are another example.

Education and research facilities: Universities with any sort of research program are being attacked by hackers with increasing regularity to steal valuable research data. Valuable research must be handled securely among investigators, including incidental chats they have which may contain information which could prove useful. 7998 researchers at 320 universities across the world found out that their research is valuable in the wrong way in 2018.

Celebrities: Those in the public eye have always been the target of attackers, and the problem has only gotten worse with digital information hacking. A poorly secured tool which can reveal exact location data would be devastating to any celebrity. Many use secure phones, with a number choosing SKY ECC as the most secure phone for this, that go out to their whole network so that they can always have a secure way of reaching out to those in their personal and business lives. The cases of celebrities being hacked are abundant, here’s a list of over 90 celebrities impacted by just one hack.

Virtually anyone involved in the industries above have people who need secure messaging. There is no substitute for protecting yourself with a proven solution over trusting free tech that has been shown to have faults over and over.

For example, are you using WhatsApp and believing it to be secure? Are you sure?

There are many apps out there which claim to be secure, and they are certainly more secure than email or SMS, but they aren’t as secure as the industries above demand for the safety of employees, clients, and customers alike. You can’t trust a free app from a social media company to do advanced security—it simply won’t ever measure up to a company dedicated to security.

A last, powerful, message comes from the fantastic Netflix documentary The Great Hack. It looks at how data is freely taken and exploited against those who provide it:

As the video said, data is now more valuable than oil. Let that sink in and then think about how valuable your data is and how it could be used even more than something as simple as tracking Facebook likes and website history. With that in mind, now think about how SKY ECC will help you and contact us now.