Job Function Use Cases to Encrypt Communications with SKY ECC

Not every employee at every business needs the most secure phone for messaging at every moment of their day, but every business has a use case for secure messaging based on the tasks of various people within the business. There is always a use case to secure some type of information, and formal systems need to be in place to protect that data. 

A secure phone needs to be a daily component of how the following situations are handled by the people involved in these roles and tasks:

CEOs and executives: Every company has C-level and high-level executives who share the most valuable information the company possesses. They are prime targets for corporate espionage, so they all need a secure communications device to conduct the business of the business. Not only do their jobs depend on not breaching company privacy, their company’s business hinges on remaining secure. Neglecting communication security for top executives leaves the whole company vulnerable. Careful consideration of all their communications—even when communicating privately, as Jeff Bezos found out when his phone was hacked—must be protected.

High-profile clients: If you work with, for, or are someone who is high-profile—such as movie/TV stars, athletes, media personalities—you need to ensure your communications are secure and protected. Whatever your relationship is with them as a client, you can be sure that there is information—even the most seemingly meaningless—that someone would love to steal from your conversations and exploit in some way. The News of the World phone hacking scandal shows that this is a very real threat, and just how low some media outlets will sink to get any information at all.

Research & development: Every industry has some sort of R&D going on, whether it’s direct research on making a product better, or consumer research to discover what the next innovation should be, this data cannot be let out before you’re ready. Without proper communication security, a competitor could beat you to market or tap into a new customer segment that you discovered. NASA research has been hacked in the past, and that says plenty about the need to increase security for valuable research data.

Intellectual property: Ideas are one of the hardest things to. Once an idea goes from one person working on it to several people, there will invariably be issues with communicating those ideas securely. For innovative concepts, becoming a target via cyber espionage by both hackers and competitors is a very real possibility. Once the idea is out there, it is out there and you can’t get it back like a physical product. Loses for US companies to IP theft to China alone ranges up to $600 billion.

Mergers and acquisitions: Someone getting wind of a merger or acquisition before it actually becomes finalized can send both companies into a tizzy from the boardroom to the front line employees. The dicovery process must remain secret. When it doesn’t, you have problems like with a small hacker collective that made millions by hacking merger lawyers and buying stock before the deals were announced. This was bad for everyone involved…except the hackers who made millions and could have easily made things worse by releasing their data, possibly cancelling the deals entirely.

Deal terms: There are all manner of deals that need to be communicated securely until they’re finalized. This can include deals between distributors and manufacturers, businesses and customers, and competitors settling lawsuits. How would your ability to close deals be compromised if you were the victim of a $2 million hack likes these B.C. lawyers were?

Legal agreements: Anything to do with legal advice or any agreements must be kept strictly confidential as it’s the entire basis of attorney-client privilege. Clients will feel better about open and honest communication with their lawyer if they know their communications can’t be intercepted, whether that’s in the office or over a secure phone. A large collection of legal non-disclosure agreements were stolen from a law firm, and the hacker claimed to want to sell these 9/11-related documents to terrorists.

International affairs: Those who deal in international affairs, from government officials to NGOs, are prone to targeting by state-sponsored attackers. NGOs are being threatened by rebel supporters on a routine basis, and it has been shown that “secure” apps like WhatsApp aren’t up to the job of protecting people at this level. Not when it comes to protecting whistelblowers exposing war criminals, or those helping people get identification together for asylum. Something as simple as rebel forces knowing your location can halt all plans and put you in physical danger as you simply try to do what’s right.

Remote employees: Not only are more people working from outside of the office—even at the local coffee shop for an informal meeting with a client—but more are working from home and hardly ever see the inside of the office. Secure communications, including using a VPN or tool like SKY WORK, will protect employees while they’re away from the office. Thousands of remote workers go to WeWork for temporary office spaces, and their network is so insecure that you don’t even have to hack it to hack it as a white hat hacker demonstrated it wasn’t hard to steal from those working at a WeWork he was at.

There are certain tasks or moments in the goings-on of a workplace where communication security needs are higher than others. Having tools around to protect the people carrying out these job functions before a data leak happens, not after, is the sensible way to run a business.

Not only will using secure communications make the company better protected, but employees and clients of the business will feel better about sharing data when they know that they’re safe.

Use case for SKY ECC

Even the best free messaging apps are not secure enough to protect you, with an example of government officials being hacked directly because of WhatsApp’s shortcomings as a shining example. Those who use apps like WhatsApp understand that end-to-end encryption is important, but they are not taking it far enough if they have truly valuable information.

SKY ECC is that next step in securing the communications of your business, your personal life, and your valuable data. Our secure phone ecosystem has been built to prevent data leaks, protect anonymity, secure networks, and use the most powerful encryption currently available commercially.

Watch this use case article as it grows to include more deep dives into each of the industries above so that you can learn more about how your business is impacted by data theft and other hacking practices. If you’ve read enough, contact us using the button below to start using SKY ECC now.