SKY ECC for iOS v2.2: Reply-To Messaging, Vault Hardening, and New Supported Languages

Today we released iOS v2.2 update to SKY ECC with:

  • New messaging features
  • Support for four more languages
  • Additional security protections in the Vault
  • Improved compatibility with iOS 14.

New SKY ECC for iOS features:

Reply-to messages

You can now reply to a specific message in a chat. Reply with text, an attachment, audio clip, or even a forwarded message.

Additional languages supported

We’ve added native support for Portuguese, Dutch, Vietnamese, and German languages.

Vault hardening

We’ve made the Vault even more secure for your most sensitive files. Before saving something to your Vault you must enter your Vault password once per session. This protection adds another layer of security on top of encryption and brute force protection.

Other improvements:

Media Attachments

You can view all your current attachments within a chat from the Chat Settings screen 

New chats created with new contact

SKY ECC will automatically create a new chat with you approve a new contact request or your contact has been approved by another SKY ECC user. This saves you a step creating a chat with a new contact.

Change to activation flow:

We’ve streamlined how devices are activated, including putting the Terms of Service at the beginning of the process.

Bug fixes:

  • Improved message flow and processing so messages arrive faster to contacts
  • Improved keyboard compatibility with iOS 14 
  • Fixed iOS notification camera light was not turning off in some cases

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