Offer the only solution with complete communication security

SKY ECC is the best secure messaging app on the market, with thousands of users around the world using our proprietary encryption algorithm. Offer a solution that goes the extra mile for your customers while Sky goes the extra mile to see you succeed.

Demand for secure messaging is huge

Messaging hacks are becoming a regular occurrence, and this reminds people their messages aren’t as secure as they think. People are looking for a solution they can trust. People are looking for SKY ECC to secure their digital lives.

No one should trust social media giants to make a secure messaging app which respects privacy when they make money from tracking your data. It’s not in their best interest, but we exist solely for the privacy of your customers.

This is serious business

Our partners get the support, training, and resources they need to hit the ground running successfully. Our business grows based on the success of our Partners, and we work to make sure that they have everything they need.

You can build a successful business because our pricing tiers, policies, and programs were built with our Partners in mind. Offering SKY ECC to customers can build you a thriving business with Sky.

Marketing Resources and Expertise

All Partners have access to field-tested marketing assets that can be downloaded and used. These assets are built by our experts at head office and perfected with feedback from our long-term Partners.

We have people and resources from many departments you can rely on when you need a technical expert or more information on any tough issue.

Support & Training from Day One

Our online training portal teaches you everything you need to know about how SKY ECC works, how to use our systems, how to track success, and how to sell SKY ECC.

The expert Support team we continually train is available 24/7 for technical support, resources, and product information…or even a chat to see what’s coming!

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