Paying for a Solution Means Getting Support When You Need it and More

Enterprise-grade secure messaging is too important for free solutions

There are a lot of free E2EE apps available and we’re not going to suggest any of them are less secure because they are free. Free apps have their place, but we believe if secure messaging is important to your business, it’s important enough to spend money on a solution designed for business users. What do you get when you invest in an enterprise-grade E2EE solution? Three words:

  1. Service
  2. Support
  3. Stability

Free apps can’t afford to offer great support and you can’t afford not to have it

When secure messaging is an integral part of your business, you will need support at some point:

  • Maybe you’ll need help using the app or configuring it correctly on your device.
  • Maybe it’s help locking, unlocking, or wiping a device.
  • Maybe you don’t have a problem, but have an idea for a new feature.

Everyone eventually has questions about how to use an app or maybe even suggestions and feedback. Free apps don’t usually have the resources to offer dedicated support to customers. That’s the trade off with free apps like WhatsApp and Signal. You might get a decent piece of software, but when you need help sometimes you only have Google or Facebook to turn to…and good luck getting prompt help from them.

We don’t think that’s good enough here at SKY ECC. Paying for a secure messaging solution means that you can expect support when you need it. Enterprise-grade apps need enterprise-grade support. Enterprise-grade support means live people who you can chat with any time and support tickets to track the status of your requests. Support is a safety net, it’s the help you need when you need it for a mission-critical part of your business.

Service that goes the extra mile

Service and support go hand-in-hand, but there are extra things you get when you pay for an app. We know that configuring and locking down devices for secure messaging can be tricky. If you’re using secure messaging, you want to know that the device your employee is using is locked down and secure. While this is possible—and available—to use SKY ECC on an employee’s own device (BYOD), a more secure and better way is to purchase a pre-configured, locked down, and secure device with a secure messaging app pre-installed and ready to activate.

When you purchase a device, you are assured the device can’t be tampered with and is safe for confidential discussions of all kinds. Although free apps are attractive because they are easy to download with zero cost, they can’t offer the kind of service you may need. Only companies with the resources to partner with device manufacturers and mass configure the settings of these devices can offer that. We think one of the best ways to ensure security and privacy is to start with a clean, secure device pre-configured as a secure messaging tool, a key feature for us here at SKY ECC.

Stability of being in it for the long haul

Building a long-term business offering a free app to the market is hard and could be unsustainable for some companies. There is no way around it, businesses need money to run—employees need to be paid, office space rented, computers and servers have to be purchased. While there is money from investors available, eventually a company needs to find ways to generate revenue.

This represents a tough choice for companies and those who fail to figure it out, don’t succeed. On the other hand, when you start out from the premise that your app and service won’t be free, you are starting a business with a plan for the long haul. Planning for the long haul means investing in long-term stability and viability.

There are a lot of secure messaging apps who have fallen by the wayside because they couldn’t find a good revenue model. There are a lot of apps that started, and stayed, free because they were acquired by larger companies. This could be a good scenario for some start-up techs, but it often comes at a cost to users in terms of changes to services, instability, and disappearing of features. In some cases, the product is acquired and shut down altogether as a means for the larger company to remove the competition or launch a product of their own. That free app goes away, as does all of your data and connections built on it. Worse, a company could try to change core features:

Enterprise-grade secure messaging apps can’t be free

We don’t believe you can offer a truly enterprise-grade E2EE messaging app and not charge for it. We believe secure messaging is too fundamental to businesses who rely on it that it’s just not good business not to offer round-the-clock support, service that goes the extra mile, and long-term stability. Having an ecosystem of free E2EE apps is essential to improving awareness of personal privacy and security. We also believe when you’re picking a secure communications app for your business, you owe it to yourself to pay for an app that is going to be there to help, grow, and support your business as you scale.

We think free isn’t worth the cost.

If you value guaranteed privacy, customer care anytime and anywhere, and you need peace-of-mind that your information will never be compromised, paying for an app is worth the cost. It’s just the cost of doing business in the twenty-first century. See the SKY ECC Store for our enterprise-grade tools to solve your secure messaging needs.