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WhatsApp Alternative: Why you should switch to a secure messaging app

Looking for a WhatsApp alternative? You’re not alone. People have been abandoning WhatsApp since the controversial Privacy Policy update. Yet, strangely, it’s still one of the most trusted apps for encrypted messaging. In fact, millions of people rely on the WhatsApp encryption protocol to stay in touch and connected with friends, family, and coworkers. So, … Read more

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Quantum-Proof Encryption: How much should you really prepare?

If there is a boogeyman for encryption it’s quantum computing. Industry discussions border on hysteria when discussing quantum-proof encryption because the idea of computers so powerful they could break all current encryption standards in a few seconds is incredibly frightening. The era of quantum computing is here and there is no escaping the fact we … Read more

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Protecting Press Freedom: Why Investigative Journalists need a reliable secure messaging app

A free and open press is one of the stalwarts of democracy. People dedicated to seeking and publishing the truth, who work tirelessly to call governments, companies, and individuals to account when they do something against the public interest. The press and media have been under attack, literally and figuratively, for far longer than the … Read more

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Hacking Devices for Better Security

Apple’s new hackable phones will make devices more secure for everyone One of the reasons we exclusively use devices from Apple, Google, and BlackBerry is the intense scrutiny they get from—well—everyone. Professional security researchers and hackers poke, prod, test, and exploit the devices all the time. Granted, exploiting devices can be bad if researchers don’t … Read more