This is what zero-trust security looks like

We approach security with zero-trust and assume that your device has been hacked and your connection isn’t secure—then we neutralize those threats. Zero-trust security gives you the best protection on your device, application, and connections.

The entire SKY ECC platform is built to do one thing—protect your messages and your privacy. Secure containers, always-on encryption, protected devices—together we employ multiple layers of security to ensure what is private, stays private.

Concentric layers of protection for real security

Zero-trust security says that you can’t just secure the app itself: you must secure what goes on outside of an app as well for it to truly be secure. When we developed SKY ECC we saw three important aspects of our app that had to be secured:

  1. The device and operating system
  2. The connection and communications
  3. The application itself

Less secure chats apps only look at the third point. It’s extra work to worry about the security of the device and secure communications between the device and server. Doing the extra work sets SKY ECC apart from less secure messaging apps to ensure that your information remains private and confidential.

Why SkyECC is so secure


Hardware and operating system protections

Hardware protections: We only install SKY ECC on devices with built-in tamper resistant chips.
OS protections: Leveraging on-chip protections, we use all security options available from the mobile OS including kernel and rollback protection.
Mobile Device Management: SKY ECC devices are managed devices so features can be locked down and SKY ECC installed into a protected container.


Connections and communications

Secure data network: SIM-based protections connect you safely to our global network of secure servers.
Secure connections: A secure tunnel is created for all Wi-Fi network communications.
Secure detection: SKY ECC prevents you from making a connection if the network isn’t secure.


The SKY ECC application

Secure environment checks: If the device isn’t secure, or has been compromised, you can’t log into SKY ECC.
Brute force protection: We limit password attempts and use CAPTCHAs after failed logins. The app erases if someone tries to force their way in.
Password protections: There are separate passwords for the messages and saved Vault items.
Encrypted message headers and metadata: We prevent message metadata from compromising your security.
Push notification obfuscation: We scrub your data before it goes to Apple or Google’s push notification servers.
Chat and file encryption: 521-bit elliptic-curve Diffie-Hellman cryptography protects your data. Only you read your messages.

Don’t compromise on your privacy. Don’t risk your security.

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