Introducing SKY ECC for iOS 2.1: New Look, New Features, New Languages

Today we’re releasing our biggest ever update to SKY ECC with SKY ECC for iOS 2.1. The app has a completely updated look and a bunch of new features we think you’re going to like. Here are some of the new features we’re most excited about:

Many of these new features came from your feedback. Thank you for your suggestions, and keep sending them—your ideas help make SKY ECC the best secure communications platform available.

A new look for SKY ECC on iOS

We’ve updated the entire app with a new look. From the moment you activate the app to settings and chats to contacts, every part of the app has been updated. Look at the difference between the new (on the left) and old versions of the Contacts and Chats screens. This new look makes it easier for you to see important things—like new messages and contact requests—at a glance.

The new Quick Action button—the blue circle in the lower right—is there to help you get to common tasks quickly from any screen. On the Contacts screen you can quickly add a contact, start a chat, or send a broadcast message. In the Vault you can create a new Album or take a picture. You’ll see the Quick Action button on nearly every screen in SKY ECC.

We speak your language

We’ve translated SKY ECC several languages, and the first six are ready for release today. It is no easy feat to translate an app into different languages. We worked with professional language translators, and our own team to make sure everything was translated properly.

We now offer SKY ECC in these languages:

  • Spanish 
  • French 
  • Russian
  • Serbian
  • Chinese (Traditional or Simplified)

You can change the language in SKY ECC without exiting and restarting the app. More languages are coming in future releases. Você vai adorar!

Tap your Profile photo > tap Languages > tap the Language you want > tap Confirm

Vault redesign

The Vault is one of the best features in SKY ECC, but we thought we could make it better. Here are all the new features in the Vault:

  • Organize your photos into albums
  • Share up to 5 photos at once
  • Sort notes and saved chats
  • Format your notes with rich text
  • Organize your notes with categories
  • Search through your saved notes 

The Vault is one of the features that makes SKY ECC the most secure and useful messaging platforms available. We think these new features help you get more out of the Vault and find even more uses for it.

Photo Albums 

Keep your photos organized with photo albums. Name them whatever you want to organize your photos and quickly find a photo you want to send to someone. Create as many albums as you want to organize your photos the way you like.

To create an album go to the Photos tab in your Vault:

Tap the Quick Launch button > tap the New Album button > name your Album > tap photos to add from below > tap Save

Share multiple photos at once

We added two major updates to how you can share photos:

  1. You can copy a photo within a chat and paste it into another to share. This makes sharing photos from one friend to another quicker.
  2. Share up to five photos at once from your Vault. No more sharing photos one at a time—back and forth repeatedly—tap up to five photos from your Vault at once. 

Bonus feature 1: You can delete multiple photos at once the same way. Follow the steps below and tap Delete From Album. You can delete as many photos at once as you wish, making cleaning up your photos easier than ever.

Bonus feature 2: We’ve improved the photo compression algorithm in SKY ECC so the pictures you send look better and are still compact for sending. Better pictures, same size. Winner.

Tap the Select text in the middle left > tap photos you want > tap the pencil icon > tap Share > tap the contact to share with

Sort Chats and Notes in the Vault

SKY ECC users have been using their Vault to store messages, photos, and notes more than we ever thought they would! Once you have more than a few notes and saved chats, it can be hard to find what you’re looking for. You can now sort notes and saved chats :

  • Alphabetically, A-Z or Z-A
  • By Date Created, Newest first, or oldest first
  • By Date Modified. Newest modified first, or oldest modified first

Go to your Vault > tap Filter > tap the Sort function > tap the sort you need > tap Save

Note Categories, Pins, and Search

When you have hundreds of notes in your Vault, finding them and keeping them organized can be a challenge. This is why we’ve added three new features to Notes in the Vault: Categories, Searching, and Pins.


When you have hundreds of notes in your Vault, keeping them organized is challenging. You can now create note categories to organize all your notes. You can create as many categories as you need to organize your notes your way. Create categories for different jobs, projects, clients, or ideas; the choice is yours.

  • Favorites
  • Products
  • Business

You are free to create the categories for your notes which best suits you.

Tap the Quick Launch button > tap New Category > name your Category > add Notes > tap Finish

Search for Notes

You can search your notes for any text, title, or ECC ID associated with them. Create titles (which can be formatted!) so you can find them easier or include keywords in notes which link them to related notes.

Tap the Quick Launch button > tap Search > use the keyboard > type the text to search for > tap the note you want

Pin notes for quick access

Have a note you refer to all the time? Now you can pin notes to the top of your notes list. Swipe right to pin a note at it will stay on the top of the list. What happens if you swipe left? Delete! Now it’s easy to clean up old lists you don’t need any more.

Rich text formatting for notes

Say goodbye to plain text notes in the Vault. You can format notes just like you can in Word or email. You can now:

  • Change the font type to create headings
  • Bold, italicize, and underline words to find keywords faster
  • Use strikethrough for edits or completed tasks
  • Highlight important sections with different colors
  • Create lists with bullet points or numbers

Your notes are encrypted with 521-bit ECC must like messages. Securely store any text you want in the Vault and now format them so they’re easier to read and organize.

To use rich text, start writing a note and the rich text editor will appear above the keyboard. Use your finger to scroll the rich text editor bar to see all formatting options. 

Profile Status

Let everyone in your contacts know what you’re up to. This could be that you’re going to be in a meeting for the next two hours, you can’t contact anyone until tomorrow, you’re travelling, or a project you’re working on. All your contacts can see your profile status so don’t share anything that would jeopardize your privacy.

Tap on your Profile Photo > tap Status Note > type your Status Note > tap Save

Revoking All Your Messages In Group Chats

You’ve been able to revoke individual messages in chats for a long time. If you want to delete all your messages from a one-on-one chat, you can delete the chat. But in a group chat, you might not want to delete the whole chat and have to recreate it. Until now you had to revoke each message one at a time in Group Chats. Revoking one message at a time can be tedious, so we’ve added the ability to revoke all your messages in a Group Chat with a couple taps. This doesn’t revoke other group members messages, just yours.

Tap Group Info > tap Revoke All of My Messages > tap Confirm

Group chat message details

Need to know who has read messages in a group chat? See who has, or hasn’t, read any message by tapping on the timestamp below the message—text, audio, photo, or forwarded chat. A pop-up will show you who has received and read the message. Now you don’t need to wonder who has read a message—it’s all right there.

Tap Timestamp below message > View Status pop up appears > tap chat portion to return

Skim through Voice Messages

Want to jump ahead or repeat a part of a voice message? Just run your finger along the player to get to the spot you want and let go to play.

Tap the play button > tap the waveform where you want to listen > or slide your finger along > listen to the message

Alert tones

Tired of hearing the same alert tone all the time? You can now switch SKY ECC alert sounds in your preferences. To change your alert tone:

Tap your profile photo > tap Sound > tap an alert tone

Enjoy SKY ECC 2.1 for iOS!

We think you’re going to like these new features. Many of the ideas have come from you—and a lot from our own ideas too. If you have ideas and feature requests, we’d love to hear them.

You can chat with us here on Or chat with support or your agent through SKY ECC. Your feedback is important to us. We want to know what you’d like to see in future versions. Your input helps shape the future of SKY ECC.

What about SKY ECC for Android?

Don’t worry, we’ll be updating SKY ECC for Android with all the same features and screens shortly. We won’t jinx ourselves by putting a date here, but the update is nearly ready and we plan to have it in your hands soon.