Announcing SKY ECC for Android 2.2

Feature and design parity between iOS and Android is here

New SKY ECC Vault

Back in June we released SKY ECC for iOS 2.1 and ushered in a whole new look for SKY ECC and a raft of new features. Many of you wondered when the new look and features would be coming to Android—well today is the day. We’d excited to announce the release of SKY ECC for Android 2.2!

Some of the features in the new iOS version—status messages and revoking all your messages in chats—have been available for Android for a while, but now Android users are getting the new look and feel plus all the other features in iOS 2.1. This release brings feature and design parity to SKY ECC across OSes. The apps look and work the same way regardless of whether you prefer Android or iOS.

Quick overview of what’s new

SKY ECC Quick Action Button

Here’s a quick rundown of what to look for in SKY ECC for Android 2.2:

  • New look and feel. We think you’ll like the new compact and efficient design.
  • Quick action button. This handy button appears throughout the app and lets you do things like add contacts, start chats, and add vault items with a couple taps
  • Completely redesigned vault with albums for photos, groups for notes, and search
  • SKY ECC is multilingual with support for Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Spanish, French, Russian, and Serbian.

We think you’ll like the new clean and focused SKY ECC—and the features are pretty amazing too. We have a lot more coming, including support for more languages, and as those releases get closer, we’ll tell you more.

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