As the world’s most secure messaging app, we know you have important questions about how it works, the encryption standards we use, and much more.

SKY ECC Privacy & Security

What is a zero-trust philosophy?

Zero-trust philosophy is a security concept based on the premise that you cannot trust that a device is secure. When you approach development from a zero-trust philosophy, you make assumptions that the device’s security is probably compromised.

This assumption drives product development strategies and solutions. For example, when we develop SKY ECC we assume that even a SKY ECC device could have malware installed. We’ve addressed this issue by ensuring that SKY ECC is installed into a secure container that malware can’t breach or “call home” from. As a further example, we assume all network connections between a device and a local network are being actively intercepted, so all communications to and from the device are encrypted. What’s more, you cannot log into SKY ECC if it can’t confirm the network connection is secure.

Learn more about how zero-trust makes SKY ECC the most secure communications platform in the world.

What encryption do you use?

– All messages and images, chats (whether one-to-one, broadcast, or a group chat), as well as notes stored in the Vault are encrypted with 521-bit ECC using Elliptic-curve Diffie–Hellman secp521r1.
Network connections are secured with 2048-bit SSL.

Few other messaging apps on the market encrypt message metadata, but we do. Here’s why encrypting message metadata is important.
You can learn more about our network security and how ECC encryption works in these articles.

Are SKY ECC messages stored on your servers?

We don’t store messages on our servers at all. In fact, all messages on SKY ECC are end-to-end encrypted and relayed from our servers directly to your accepted contact.

If your contact isn’t reachable (for example if their device is off), we hold the encrypted message for up to 48 hours then delete it. If they don’t read it in that time frame, the message cannot be retrieved.

How is my personal information & chat history protected and stored?

We don’t store, or have, any personally identifiable information about you on our messaging servers.

Users are assigned a random six-character SKY ID, also known as an ECCID, and that is all the information we have. On our servers, we only have your ID and the other anonymous IDs you have in your contact list. We believe your privacy matters and we want to ensure you can communicate securely and privately with your friends and colleagues using SKY ECC. Here is more about how we secure your information and contacts.

How are the encryption keys generated & stored?

Private keys for messages and stored files are generated on your device with random data and stored on your device, nowhere else.

Your public key is stored on the server so it can be sent to contacts who accept your contact request. You can elect to refresh your keys at any time however doing this will wipe all active chats.

Can you read the messages I send?

We cannot read your or anyone else’s messages sent on SKY ECC. Only you hold your private key used to decrypt your messages.

Where can I get SKY ECC?

Can I download SKY ECC from an app store?

At present, SKY ECC is not available for download from the app store. This is because all secure messaging apps you can install via an app store have the same basic flaw—if the device has already been compromised, or isn’t set up securely, your communications just aren’t secure.

SKY ECC is installed on a secured device when you purchase it. In the future, we may offer SKY ECC as a downloadable app but not at this time. You can learn more in this post on why your device matters for security.

Where can I get SKY ECC?

You can purchase SKY ECC from our online store or through one of our Authorized Partners close to you. To find an Authorized Partner located nearby, please contact our Support team and they will put you in touch.

SKY ECC Phones

What phones do you use for SKY ECC?

SKY ECC is installed exclusively on secure devices from Apple, Google, and BlackBerry that have passed extensive security reviews and include tamper-resistant chips. We make modifications to secure and harden these devices with additional security settings.

If you’d like to learn more about why SKY ECC doesn’t make our own devices, click here. You might also be curious to know that we sunset devices that no longer receive OS and security updates.

Becoming a SKY ECC Authorized Partner

I’m interested in becoming a SKY ECC Authorized Partner. What do I need to do?

We’re always happy to discuss opportunities with people interested in becoming a SKY ECC Authorized Partner. Learn more about our partner program and apply online.

SKY ECC Customer Support

How can I reach SKY ECC Support?

You can get support 24/7 directly through SKY ECC itself or through email via support (at)



SKY ECC is developed by SKY GLOBAL, a privately-owned Vancouver-based tech company. SKY GLOBAL was established a little over ten years ago and began developing SKY ECC through the fundamental belief that privacy is a human right. SKY ECC is entirely privately funded and SKY ECC 1.0 was first released in 2010. You can learn more about SKY GLOBAL by visiting our company website.