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Welcome to the June 2019 SKY ECC Newsletter

Our big news this month is SKY ECC is now available on the Google Pixel 3a and 3a XL. We always want SKY ECC on the newest and most secure devices available. The Google Pixel line is one of the few devices—iPhones and BlackBerry Key devices are the others—we support SKY ECC on.

June Industry News and Trends

Stories you need to read to stay secure.

Privacy Threats Take Center Stage

June has been a very interesting month for privacy threats. The Spanish soccer league La Liga was caught using its app to spy on people. Austensibly to crack down on unlicensed public broadcasts of matches, the app would activate the microphone and start listening into what was going on around it. Needless to say no one is amused.

Hackers steal thousands of call records

Speaking of listening into conversations, several major carriers have been hacked and the call information from targeted individuals scooped up and sent to persons unknown. The hacks have been gathering the metadata for calls, but recordings of calls, while you might not think call metadata is a goldmine of information, it is. The most frightening part is this hack isn’t new—it’s years old.

What would your device say about you?

Crossing international borders isn’t as simple as it used to be—especially where privacy is concerned. While many countries have legal protections against authorities searching you, your home, or your possessions without a warrant from a judge, those protections aren’t in place when crossing international borders. You actually have very few rights or protections crossing borders, and search and seizure rules are almost nonexistent. An account from an American journalist coming back home from Mexico is especially chilling. Civil liberties and privacy groups have noted significant upticks in complaints from people—often US citizens or Green Card holders—crossing into the US from abroad. One of the biggest threats is being forced to unlock devices for search and examination at the border. A very troubling prospect to journalists, lawyers, and healthcare professionals who are beholden to a very high standard to protect the privacy of others.

Log into Facebook with FaceID coming to iOS

In the midst of these privacy discussions, at Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) this year, Tim Cook announced a new initiative/feature where your Apple ID could be used as an universal login ID across the Internet (much like Facebook and Google work today). Paired with TouchID or FaceID you could log into a site and not have to reveal a password in the transaction. This would only work on Apple devices of course and reaction is mixed about this feature and you have to wonder if trusting Apple is a good idea. And if you think about the case above, you could be forced to unlock your device and access social media at the border just by the officer using FaceID against you.

What would you pay to be secure?

On the other end of the spectrum is the Winston device which aims to hold and protect your privacy online. Winston is a box that sits between your modem and your router to shield and protect your traffic through a VPN and anonymize your traffic online. Privacy like this doesn’t come cheap though. The device is $250 plus a $99 a year subscription fee. Which maybe might not be so bad after all.

Last word

One last thing…if you haven’t updated Firefox recently, you had better and fast. A zero day flaw has been exploited in the wild that could open you up to malware attacks. Links to stories mentioned:

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