SKY ECC May 2020 Newsletter

A happy May day to all the privacy readers out there! There are some important stories to look at this week in the mobile privacy and security world: New Bluetooth vulnerability exposes a billion devicesVIPs targeted in 0-click iPhone flawThe European Commission has switched to SignalEmail scam targeted VIPs through Microsoft productsXiaomi phone browser sends … Read more

SKY ECC April 2020 Newsletter

I hope you are safe and secure at home. The SKY ECC team have been working remotely for over a month now, but we have not slowed our quest to keep your communications private in a time when digital attacks are escalating rapidly.  Here are the “can’t miss” stories from the last month which show … Read more

SKY ECC December 2019 Newsletter

We’re in the gift-giving spirit for December! Gifts include Telegram’s founder explaining that WhatsApp’s vulnerabilities may be a feature (for surveillance), Hezbollah gifted themselves a phone—by stealing it out of a journalist’s hand, US presidential candidates have the everlasting gift of poor email security, millions of SMS messages were a free gift for hackers, and … Read more

SKY ECC July 2019 Newsletter

Stories you need to read to stay secure—brought to you this month by the new writer at SKY ECC: Matthew! Welcome to the newsletter where we face the truth about online security and privacy as FaceApp takes our faces, Alan Turing’s face appears on the 50 pound note, a Zoom patch protects your face at work, SMBs … Read more