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SKY ECC March 2020 Newsletter

Greetings to those out there near and remote! This SKY ECC newsletter comes to you from my remote office and leads with a COVID-19 story from an infosec perspective, along with some other big stories on privacy in the digital age: Phishing scams around coronavirus are skyrocketing The EARN IT Act is an attack sending … Read more

Use Cases to Encrypt Communications with SKY ECC

SKY ECC is used by high-profile individuals, corporate executives, legal teams, government employees and contractors, and organizations who require secure messaging for important conversations. SKY ECC protects against a wide range of threats—from greedy hackers to directed corporate espionage—in an increasingly hostile digital world. Our customers have found the solution which best meets all of … Read more

10 Questions to Ask Before Picking an Encrypted Messaging App for Your Business

Free apps open the discussion, but businesses need more from their secure messaging tool than free Free secure messaging apps—the usual suspects people download when they realize how insecure email other chat apps are—are essential to the messaging encryption industry (and you can learn more about this in our secure messaging app landscape post). We believe the more … Read more