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Secure Messaging for Higher Education & Research

Colleges and universities are increasingly under attack from state-sponsored and independent hackers. From ransomware to espionage, universities are massive targets for all kinds of bad actors. Researchers have their work stolen, university administrations are locked out of files—anything you think a hacker might be interested in at a “regular company” is there at a university … Read more

Use Case for Secure Communications in Executive Security

People working in executive security know limiting access to information—itineraries, hotels, and other plans—is essential to keeping their clients protected. Executive security professionals working with C-level employees, celebrities, politicians, and dignitaries are themselves targets for hackers and others looking for a weak link they can exploit. To protect your clients and yourself, all your communications … Read more

Secure Communication Use Cases for Patient Data Security in Medical Facilities

The medical field is a prime target of hackers. These aren’t nation-state hacks with the best tech, these are “average” hackers on their own attacking weak targets to steal patient data to exploit.  Front-line medical staff frequently communicate back and forth using outdated communication technology, leaving clients vulnerable to some of the easiest hacking attacks. … Read more

Protecting Journalists and Their Sources with Secure Communications

Being able to protect yourself, and your sources, is essential to journalism. Protecting your source is one of the most fundamental parts of being a journalist. Sadly, protecting sources is harder than ever with so many digital vulnerabilities for bad actors to exploit, and compounded by constant attacks on journalists from all sides. Secure communication … Read more

Use Cases to Encrypt Communications with SKY ECC

SKY ECC is used by high-profile individuals, corporate executives, legal teams, government employees and contractors, and organizations who require secure messaging for important conversations. SKY ECC protects against a wide range of threats—from greedy hackers to directed corporate espionage—in an increasingly hostile digital world. Our customers have found the solution which best meets all of … Read more