Sky ECC January 2020 Newsletter

Happy 2020! New Year, new threats from world governments as Hong Kong police hack the phones of protesters, WhatsApp is being shut down by repressive governments, TikTok “vulnerabilities” likely make it the favourite spying tool of the Chinese government, the US government is distributing phones with malware, and US Senators are pushing the FCC to … Read more

Sky ECC December 2019 Newsletter

We’re in the gift-giving spirit for December! Gifts include Telegram’s founder explaining that WhatsApp’s vulnerabilities may be a feature (for surveillance), Hezbollah gifted themselves a phone—by stealing it out of a journalist’s hand, US presidential candidates have the everlasting gift of poor email security, millions of SMS messages were a free gift for hackers, and … Read more

Sky ECC September 2019 Newsletter

Oi, 你好, and welcome to the September 2019 Sky ECC newsletter. The competition is heating up as I came across some very interesting news about our ‘competitors’, criminals compete with the police by pretending to be them, the largest brewer in the world competes with hackers, Toyota competes with email scammers and loses 4 billion … Read more

Sky ECC August 2019 Newsletter

Hello, and welcome to the August 2019 edition of the Sky ECC newsletter…blog edition! This month we view an internet under attack as Neo-Nazis attack journalists with SWATting, ransomware attacks Germans, Facebook plans on attacking the encryption of WhatsApp, over 65,000 attacks against your credit card info were stopped in July, and four major telecom … Read more

WhatsApp Encryption Protects Messages, But Not Your Privacy

And the messages aren’t even that well protected… WhatsApp is one of the most popular apps in the world. Millions and millions of people rely on the WhatsApp encryption protocol to stay in touch and connected with friends, family, and coworkers. While all chats have been end-to-end encrypted by default since 2016, this doesn’t mean … Read more

Signal vs. WhatsApp vs. Sky ECC: Discover Which Is the Superior Messaging App

People often compare Signal vs. WhatsApp when looking at secure messaging apps. They both use the same underlying encryption—the Signal Protocol—but drastically differ in terms of features and underlying philosophy. Introducing Sky ECC into the mix makes these comparisons very interesting. This analysis will show you a fair comparison of Signal’s adequate capabilities, WhatsApp’s inability … Read more